Dec 11, 2012

Barcelona’s Top 10 Records of 2012

Year-end lists. Why make them? What importance or meaning do they even have? Do they serve as reference points in our experiential timeline throughout the year — to recollect on some distant feelings or memories we expressed toward particular things or objects in the busyness of our lives. Or are they more vein expressions of our voracious collecting mindset to find all things hip and viral to promote our own cultural ‘in the know’? 

These are some great bands whose songwriting and albums-as-whole we really enjoyed throughout the year. By ourselves and together traveling in the van. We even saw a few of them live in concert. Some were brand new to us, others we’re doing new things sonically and some just surprised us altogether. 

Check out the Spotify Playlist below to stream a single track (one of our favorites) from each record and enjoy the mix! 

More importantly, we’d love to hear from you as to what your favorite bands/albums/songs were from 2012. Either post a comment on our Facebook Page or send us a note, we love hearing from you and knowing what it is that moves you.